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National Product Advocate

Chris Manfuso

Based in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, Chris Manfuso has spent more than two decades building an accomplished career in medical and pharmaceutical sales. He serves as national director of sales at Enovachem Pharmaceuticals, where he leads business development and revenue generation strategies. To this end, Chris Manfuso is responsible for launching new products, implementing marketing campaigns, and propelling the company toward its sales goals. He also oversees all aspects of the onboarding process for the firms’ sales teams.

As head of sales Enovachem Mr. Manfuso leads the firm’s nationwide sales of prepackaged
hormone kits, repackaged medication, CDC compliant injection kits and wellness products. He and his team serve a client base that includes anti-aging physicians who are members of The Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, as well as urologists, OB/GYNs, alternative care practice physicians, and male/female hormone replacement therapy clinics. Mr. Manfuso holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from James Madison University. He enjoys coaching basketball and staying active through skiing and surfing.

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