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About Us

Nubratori RX, started just after the enactment of the Drug Quality and Securities Act of 2013 by Congress. Nubratori RX spent its first four years in research and development, testing, and validating potential new products as requested by providers. 2017 brought the launch of Nubratori RX’s first production run. To date, Nubratori RX has produced closed to 250,000 units of products, and counting, with zero adverse reports. After emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, Nubratori RX continues to serve patients, providers, and clinics.


Nubratori RX, under its FDA Registration for Outsourcing Facilities, compounds and manufactures sterile and non-sterile medications requested by providers for having a clinical significance to meet patient's needs over other commercially available products on the market. 


If you are a hospital administrator, pharmacist, or physician and would like to find out more, please contact us.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.37.29

COO and Director of Regulatory Affairs

Gulshakar Khwaja

Pharm D/MS

BioScience Regulatory Affairs

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.37.29

VP of Quality Control and

Director of Operations

Jennifer Wilson

Chemistry BS / CPhT

Supervising Pharmacist Production Manager 

Alma Karimian

Pharm D

Director of Research and

New Product Development

Shanen Khwaja

Pharm D

Director of Sterile Compounding

William Packer

Pharm D

Director of Quality Assurance

Jocelyn DeGuzman

Pharmacy Technician

Director of Licensing

Yazmin Mendoza

Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.37.29
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.37.29
Screen Shot 2020-08-06 at 12.37.29

Director of Licensing

Samantha Kawakami

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Gutierres


381 Van Ness Ave Suite 1507, 1508 Torrance, CA 90501

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